Applying the Four-Step Process

Those who take public relations seriously (beyond the media relations and special events tactics) should follow the classic four-step process when executing a concerted, true program.  For the uninitiated:

1. Define the threat or opportunity.
2. Conduct research.
3. Execute the plan — communicate.
4. Evaluate and make revisions.

It’s logical.  It’s straightforward.  It works.  (Well, some of the time; but that’s for another post.)

Now in a search for a full-time position back in public relations, I’m applying this process.

1.  The threat is starvation and/or eviction if I don’t generate revenue in the future.  The opportunity is that I have total confidence in my knowledge, skills and abilities.
2.  Each day I identify people I know who can help me, organizations I might want to work for/would benefit from my experience and ways to drive home the message that I’m available.
3.  I rely on the traditional (telephone calls and in-person meetings) and  the new (emails, social media, this blog) to communicate.
4.  As often as possible, I try to make revisions to my resume and cover letters, explore new opportunities and learn.

This process works.  It will work for me.

2 thoughts on “Applying the Four-Step Process

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