My Routine Routine

Could it be more than a week between posts? That’s not good. A good blog should have a couple of posts a week — if not more.

I resolve to be more productive and allocate time to this blog. I resolve to make it part of my routine.

When I was in the “regular” work day world, I thrived on my routine: Up, breakfast and dressed, a walk to the el (subway to non Chicagoans), ride and read the Chicago Tribune, walk to work, work until 12:30, lunch, a 20-minute walk listening to the iPod, more work. Well, you get the picture. I enjoyed the structure because it made me more productive. It “compartmentalized” my day.

Now, while allocating many hours to a job search, I still keep up a routine. Only, it’s not as structured. I’ve found these past four weeks that I get more done — networking calls, searching for opportunities online and through referrals, research — if I keep to some sort of routine. That’s why I take a walk before starting my day. It’s invigorating, let’s me think and helps me understand that being in a job search is not a setback or something that’s shameful. It’s part of life, and it’s a challenge I must accept and meet head on.

Those of us who practice public relations also adhere to routines of some sort. We must regularly monitor the progress of programs in place to ensure that tactics meet objectives, objectives are in line with strategies, and strategies direct toward reaching goals. At the end of the day, a routine let’s us know where we’ve been, and where we have to go.

One thought on “My Routine Routine

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