A Little Victory

Yesterday I gained a little victory in my search for that next great public relations position.   I received word — via email — that I was not selected for a senior position for a prominent national company.  The job involved launching public relations and marketing initiatives for an online resource available to consumers.   I knew the industry, and I had all the qualifications, and then some.

How’s this a “victory,” even a little one?

For these reasons:

1.  I was one of the handful of candidates who received a face-to-face interview, and apparently I was a strong candidate. This means I’m in demand in today’s marketplace; just haven’t made the right connection yet.

2. I had less than two days to prepare for the interview. I used that time to analyze the site and identify ways to improve it.  At the interview, I presented the hiring authority with a printed list of suggestions.   He appeared to be impressed.  This gave me an opportunity to demonstrate and sharpen my analytical skills.

3.  During the interview, held on a Saturday afternoon, I was prepared. I had anticipated questions and prepared answers.  A good interview, I’m told, should be a 50-50 give-and-take between candidate and employer. This one met that criteria.  I was relaxed and confident.  (I think I looked pretty good, too, in my navy blue blazer, gray slacks and “sincere” tie.)  To demonstrate my writing skills, I presented a portfolio that showed the depth of my published works and media relations activities.  Every face-to-face interview offers an opportunity to take stock of yourself.  I’ll do even better on the next one.

4. The company is hiring for other communications positions. This one didn’t work out, but perhaps I’ll be considered for another.  The HR recruiter who set up the interview said I would be kept in consideration.

5. And, I reached out via email to the hiring authority, the person who made the decision to select someone else.   The hiring authority promptly responded to my message and even accepted my LinkedIn invitation.  Now, this person and I are connected online.  I’ll remain a presence — and a possible candidate for another position.

Life is full of opportunities to gain, advance and succeed.  In my search, I fail only if I stop trying and stop believing in myself.  This recent little victory only strengthens my belief in my abilities and my value within the marketplace.

Bring on the next challenge.

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