Random Thoughts During the Blizzard of 2011

By Edward M. Bury, APR, aka The PRDude

Just got an email from the boss.  “Snow day” tomorrow.  And for good reason. As I write this Chicago and our neighbors in around a dozen or so states are getting pommeled by a ferocious winter storm. A true blizzard.

These are some images taken outside our home a few hours ago.

Looking south on Whipple Street.

Looking north on Whipple Street.

As you can see from these photos, we’re getting some “weather” from all directions.  (It was pretty much the same from the east and west perspectives.

But enough weather.  Since I won’t be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, I can stay up late and deliver a few random thoughts.

  1. The Year In Review. I’m referring to 2010. Yes, I know we’re a month into 2011, but I’ve been busy with my terrific new job and other “stuff.”  The nice folks at WordPress sent me (and other bloggers I trust) an analysis of our posts from last year.   The PRDude blog was viewed around 1,700 times, or enough to fill four Boeing 747 passenger jets.  Let me offer 1,700 “thank yous” to everyone who took the time to read my posts.   My most popular post was an unabashed self-promotion blog designed to help me secure a job.   Another popular post was the one announcing that I reached my goal: I secured that next great new position.Granted, I don’t have massive numbers or get my posts included in the daily summaries from my friends at PRSA or the folks who run MyRagan.  When I launched the PRDude, I just wanted a forum to share my thoughts and commentary with anyone in the communications industry who wanted to read them.  I don’t expect to make money (but I’d take it) or shape opinion on public relations, marketing and communications.   But I’ll continue to have a voice, and enjoy throwing out ideas when I can.
  2. A Different Perspective on Business Meetings. A few days ago, some of my colleagues and I attended business meetings held by the international organization that the association I work for is affiliated with.  Along with the fact the meetings were held in sunny and warm Orlando, I thoroughly enjoyed learning and networking with other professionals from across the nation and Canada.  After nearly a dozen years being part of the team that organized business meetings, I got to participate in the meetings as an attendee rather than staff.  This experience reinforced to me that there’s really no substitute to face-to-face communications, and that well-run meetings — like the one I attended — are critical.
  3. To Work With People Who Are Passionate About PR. Roughly one-third of my career was spent in the agency side of public relations and advertising.  I thoroughly enjoyed the environment, the challenges and constant need to keep pitching new business.  One benefit of my current job is that I am the key point person between our organization and a firm we work with on a retainer basis.  The team assigned to our account are smart, responsive and just as passionate about public relations as I am.  I feel energized working with these outstanding professionals.

Okay.  Need to get some rest. The forecast calls for lots more snow over the next 12-plus hours.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts During the Blizzard of 2011

  1. Hey Ed!

    Snow days are why I left for AZ! Maybe you should do the same!

    Tell Susan we said hello!

    Stay warm!

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