Madness Again. A Thought on the Carnage at the Wisconsin Sikh Temple

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

With questions still being posed following the murders of innocent people at a theater in Colorado, more of the same types of questions will be asked following the shooting deaths of six members of a Sikh congregation August 5 in a suburb south of Milwaukee.

Why did the gunman commit this horrific act?

Why did he target people of the Sikh faith?

Where did he get his guns and ammo?

Why wasn’t he stopped beforehand?

Will this happen again?  Or, when and where will this happen again?

Lots of questions, and really not a lot of time for answers.

But here’s another question that’s related to the Wisconsin man police say indiscriminately slaughtered people on what should have been a peaceful Sunday morning: Why did he and other reported white supremists help spread their message of hate through rock and roll? Read more about the way rock music is used by hate groups from this piece from Reuters.

Rock and roll has played a big part of shaping my life, and it still does today. Its roots are in rebellion and following a different drummer, so to day.  But I strongly doubt that the architects of rock and roll — from little-known blues and country players to Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly — ever fathomed the music they helped create would be used to spread messages of hate against people who have done nothing to provoke it.

I’ve blogged previously about other mass murders — the Fort Hood shootings in November of 2009 and the shootings in Arizona in January of 2011 that left six dead and and several wounded, including Arizona Congressman Gabrielle Giffords.  There’s been no common threads, except of course that a crazed, deranged individual with access to firearms murdered people he probably didn’t know.

Now, with the carnage at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, music is factored into how the latest crazed, deranged individual shared what drove his madness.

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