… I Landed a Tremendous Job, at the Fourth Week

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

For those of you who are keeping tabs, my July 13 post announcing my new position in the public relations arena resulted in my best-ever number of visits for a blog on a single day: 115.

Not sure why, as I wrote mainly about missing quiet mornings on the porch with coffee, birds, passing neighbors and reading the Chicago Tribune at my leisure.  Not exactly my best, most insightful work.

WorkWell, those days are gone, and I have joined the maddening crowd (to steal part of a line from Thomas Gray’s “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard” — I was an English major, you know) that boards the CTA Blue Line to head to work downtown.  Although I have no research on the subject, I am confident there are “maddening crowds” heading to work in many other places across this great land and elsewhere.  Those commuting via private auto on Chicago expressways, tollways and surface roads are probably “maddening” much of the time.  Listen to the morning traffic reports and you’ll know why.

Now that I’ve been here almost four weeks, here’s what I have learned and observed:

  • My public relations knowledge and skills are highly regarded by my colleagues.
  • I remain very passionate about the profession.
  • I am confident I can provide value here.
  • I still know how to craft an effective news release — albeit one announcing a colleague’s appointment and my own.
  • Managing a website using Dreamweaver poses some challenges.
  • There are many more people engaged in handhelds and tablets than reading a print publication during my commute than even months ago.
  • I have a lot to learn about this organization, and I’m looking forward to it.
  • My new colleagues are welcoming and very smart people.

Yes, I still can have my morning coffee on the porch. The weather here remains warm and pleasant.  But, I’ll save that pleasure for the weekend.   I can’t wait to begin my six-block walk to the el, board the train and take on the next new task.

How about you?  Do you enjoy the process of going to your job each day?  And, do you enjoy your work?

3 thoughts on “… I Landed a Tremendous Job, at the Fourth Week

  1. Congrats on the new job! Sorry I did not see the original announcement. So, exactly who are you working for? Looking to hear all the good news. Two bits of news…had lunch with RJ who is now selling real estate and I am working with Mat Williams as her REALTOR as she is looking to buy a home. Again, congratulations, albeit a bit late, on the new job. Ron

  2. Dude, it’s “madding”, not “maddening”. Madding – adj – In a state of frenzy; frenzied

  3. I stand corrected! Thanks for reading the PRDude.

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