What’s New to Say About Christmas: A Blog of Sorts

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

If you’re reading this post the evening of December 25, 2013, then one of the following scenarios must be taking place:
1. Your Christmas celebration is over, and you’re bored.  Very bored.

2. You’ve seen “It’s a Wonderful Life” so many times you no longer care if George gets his life back, or if Clarence ever gets his wings.Christmas-2013

3. You’ve given up on trying to assemble your kid’s new bike and need to do something sane — like stare at a flat screen monitor.

Or, perhaps you haven’t heard from The PRDude in a few days and you need some provocative, witty insight on modern strategic public relations before closing out your Christmas holiday.  You know, a “Christmas” blog.

Well, I had hoped to comply with a post offering new insight on some aspect of Christmas and public relations, but frankly folks, it just ain’t coming.  I’ve stared out into the cold, snowy Chicago night sky and all I see are streetlights and snow.  All I hear is quiet.

I’ve been successful in the past.


What’s more commercial or artificial than a 6-foot “silver laser tree.” There was still one available tonight for $81.27

In 2009, I published this post sharing insight on Santa Claus’ use of public relations counsel.  That was followed by an admittedly sappy blog of “reflective” thoughts the following year.  And, a 2011 post was an account of my days as a young reporter working on Christmas Day many years ago.

Thoughts have crossed my mind:

  • Write about how Christmas has become decidedly commercial and artificial, pointing out how some public relations practices probably contribute! Yea, like that subject hasn’t been covered before.
  • Recount your favorite holiday songs! Which songs?  I like a lot of them; besides, none are about public relations, and I don’t believe anyone’s written “All I Want for Christmas is a Wall Street Journal Placement.”

So, this is what I’ve decided to do: Stroll out into the  cold, snowy Chicago night, amidst the streetlights and snow.  I hope all I hear is quiet.

If I run into you, I’ll wish you a Merry Christmas.

One thought on “What’s New to Say About Christmas: A Blog of Sorts

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