She Was Remarkable in Her Own Way

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

There’s something about photographs, printed ones, not the digital kind, that are so much more poignant, lasting and meaningful.

sophie-1You can’t produce real photos with a click of a button and a tap or two on the keyboard, you know. Somebody actually had to print them.

The images that accompany this post — digital here of course — were all printed and part of our Mother’s life.

They depict her, her life and those she knew and loved. They depict a life well lived.

Often, I would look at these photos — some framed, some part of a collage — and marvel at the impact this sophie-3woman had on all who had the privilege to know and love her.

A simple and honest life, well lived, can have much more meaning than one might think.

Along with her family and friends, our Mother liked simple things, like flowers, conversation and sophie-2watching parades and awards shows on TV.  Recently, she became fond of yogurt, with strawberry being her favorite flavor.

She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother, and she often said she wanted to be a nurse. And, although she did not have formal training, I can attest that there was no better care-giver.

Our Mother, Sophie V. Bury, passed away earlier today.

Perhaps she did not run a marathon or launch a start up company.

But rest assured, she was remarkable in her own way.

2 thoughts on “She Was Remarkable in Her Own Way

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