Fellow Americans: Join the Bunga Bunga Party*

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

Let’s face it: The political system here in the United States of America is at a crossroads, and it’s one perhaps not many of us know in which direction to cross.


Here’s an image of Mr. Berlusconi courtesy of Reuters. Felt it not appropriate to post any images of Bunga Bunga Party activities in this blog.

Yes, the Republican Party captured the White House, can boast the majority in both houses of Congress and maintain the edge in the number of U.S. governors; but the party certainly is fragmented by splinter groups like the so-called Alt-right. As for the Democrats, their leaders must be feeling the ultimate hangover by winning the popular vote in the presidential race but coming up short where it counts — in the Electoral College.

It’s probably safe to contend that there’s a vast number of Americans who don’t clearly support either party in these days following the November 8 election. Some Americans may even consider joining a new political party. That’s why The PRDude is offering this suggestion: Let’s start a new party and name it the Bunga Bunga Party*.

First, a point of clarification. The name is “borrowed” from the reportedly, how do I state this carefully, “spirited” gatherings hosted by former and once convicted Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. This Wikipedia page offers more insight on the origin and further insight into the aforementioned gatherings.

So, you’re probably wondering: Why name the party after a reportedly tawdry series of events that took place years ago in Italy?

Here are some solid reasons:

  • It’s memorable, has name recognition and there’s a nice ring to “Bunga Bunga.”
  • To my knowledge, no one else has claimed this name for a political party — here or elsewhere.
  • It’s provocative and certainly will stand apart from staid names like “Democratic” and “Republican.”
  • The Green Party name already has been taken, and the Independent Party is boring and non-specific. (“Independent” of what?)
  • Perhaps Mr. Berlusconi will serve as an honorary chairman, which he can do since he won’t have to spend time in jail.

While I have no intention of running as a candidate should the Bunga Bunga Party take shape, I would offer public relations counsel to party leadership. At an hourly rate in line with what communicators working within the Beltline earn, of course.

So fellow Americans, as we prepare tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving, that most American of holidays, please make time during your meal with family and friends to consider the Bunga Bunga Party. It might be a welcomed break from quarreling over the real state of politics in the U.S. today.

* * *

*If you’ve read this far, I hope you realize this post is an attempt — hopefully successfully — at satire and humor. If not, can you say “Bunga Bunga?”



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