The PRDude’s Day as Delegate at PRSA 2013 Conference

It’s certainly appropriate that this post is being published here in Philadelphia, the city known for being the place where our founding fathers set the wheels of democracy into motion, and where Edward M. Bury, APR, served as a delegate from PRSA Chicago as a delegate to the 2013 PRSA Leadership Assembly.

A Conversation with Major PR Dude Gerry Corbett, APR, Fellow PRSA

With his year leading the world’s largest public relations organization in the rear view mirror, Gerry Corbett now has time to focus on Redphlag, LLC, the strategic consultancy he founded. Recently, he did find time for a Q and A with The PRDude.

Last week Gerry and I spoke via phone. He was at home in California doing what many Californians do: Driving. I was here in Chicago. Here’s an edited version of our conversation:

Random Thoughts on a Friday: PR & More

One underlying value and purpose of the public relations profession and those who practice it is this: Public relations efforts should have some redeeming social value. Helping to spread the word about a reputed gang leader news conference has no redeeming social value whatsoever.