Edward M. Bury, APR — aka The PRDude’s — 50th Post

Welcome to the the 50th or “golden anniversary” blog post from me, Edward M. Bury, APR, otherwise known as the PRDude.

I launched this blog last fall, my intention was to have a forum to share ideas and thoughts on public relations and my search for a new permanent position in the industry.  My goal was not to offer education or “how-to” advice; there’s lots of great informative blogs written by public relations professionals.  My goal was to blog about whatever crossed my mind — as long as I could tie the online conversation back to public relations and/or the job search.

Over the months, I’ve addressed current events like politics and politicians (former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich offered lots of great opportunities), PR blunders (the Tiger Woods saga and Toyota recall mess), tragedies (the earthquake in Haiti and Ft. Hood massacre) and local Chicago issues (like loosing the 2016 Olympics bid).   I even called out the Chicago Tribune for what I maintained was misleading and erroneous reporting that put public relations in a negative light.

I’ve used this blog to promote effective, ethical public relations practices and the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), which I am proud to hold.   Must disclose the fact I am a current member of the Universal Accreditation Board, which grants, oversees and promotes Accreditation.

Through my part-time consultancy, I’ve represented Network Mortgage of Chicago, among other clients.  Social media news releases I’ve drafted for Network have been promoted through the blog.   Sometimes, I wrote “random thoughts” about general topics that crossed my mind.  Hey, I even drafted a manifesto against television producers planning a “Jersey Shore” type of program here in my native city.

And, I used the blog to post in four chapters my latest work of fiction,
Snapdragons in November .

These past several months have gone by fast.  Once I got past the anger, the uncertainty, the feelings of betrayal after having my job eliminated, I settled into a productive regimen of job search, volunteer work and paid writing and consulting assignments.   Sometimes, I even take a break to get out of town.

I’ve made a little money, but gained a tremendous amount of self-respect.   Perhaps the greatest experience has been meeting virtually, via phone and in person some impressive people in the real estate and business world.   These new-found friends and colleagues — along with the many people I worked with over the years — continue to offer support and guidance.

Note to Chicago companies seeking public relations support: I believe I’m a better qualified, smarter, better-connected public relations strategist today than I was in fall of 2009.  While many in public relations and other businesses have had to do more with less, I’ve used the past few months to learn, progress and ultimately succeed.

Below you’ll find my “casual” glamor shot and my resume. I welcome any interested feedback or interest in my services.

Looking forward to writing the next 50 blogs; thanks to all who’ve read the thoughts from Edward M. Bury, APR, blogging as the PRDude.

A casual profile image of Edward M. Bury, APR

Below is a link to my resume.

Public Relations Strategist Edward M. Bury, APR

And, to continue with a musical interlude on subject of employment, here’s a link to a song by pretty good band from the ’80s, Huey Lewis & the News. These guys didn’t break any new musical ground, but this song says a lot, especially today. Here’s a live version of  Working for a Living.