Hey Adele: I’ve Got a Song for 26 (Or Whatever Your Next Album is Titled)

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

By now, its sold more than 2.43 million copies in the United States. And, there’s projections that it will sell around 28 million more.

Of course, I’m referring to 25, the latest collection of torchy ballads and uptempo songs from British pop phenomenon Adele.

(You can buy 25 here from iTunes. And, no, I don’t get a commission for sharing this link.)

AdeleFull disclosure: I’ve not listened to 25, but I did catch Adele’s performance of “Hello” on “Saturday Night Live” last weekend. Yes, she has a voice and yes, she can deliver a moving performance.

And yes, Adele probably has made a lot of money just on the sale of “Hello” alone.

Which gets to the center point of this post. I want to offer Adele one of my original compositions for her next album. Price to be negotiated. And, the song:

I Saw Your Smile

I saw your smile in the brilliant sunset
Then it faded in the clouds
Flying west, I’ll think about you
Flying west, I’ll have no doubt

I saw your smile in the silent darkness
The cabin lights showed me the way
The engine hums, I think I hear you
The engine hums, I’m still awake

Chorus: We had a plan to travel together
We made a plan to get far away
But sometimes life will leave you waiting
That’s when you’ve got to seize the day

I saw your smile while I was sleeping
And when I landed that lonely night
My love flows east I hope you hear me
My love flows east keep it in sight

Copyright: Edward M. Bury, 2014

As you can guess, this song was written on an airplane. It’s a 720x405-adele-press-new-2015ballad I play on guitar from G, and I think it would be perfect for 26, 35 or whatever Ms. Adkins (Adele’s last name) decides to call her next collection.

Since she burst on the music scene in 2008 with her debut disc, 19, Adele has managed her career artfully.  She’s chosen songs that appeal to a wide audience, and I trust she’s had some very qualified public relations and marketing counsel build awareness for her career moves.

Note to Adele: I know a few things about public relations, and I even covered the music scene for a local monthly publication way back in the 1980s. Most artists were of the heavy metal, blues or indie rock genre, but I’m a quick learner.

So, Adele, call me.  (Okay, have your people call me.) We’ll do lunch. And, talk price on my composition, should you want to record it. I’ll even pick up the tab.

One final note: If “I Saw Your Smile” is not to your liking, I have around 50 more songs you could consider.