The Madness in Connecticut, Unfolding in Real Time

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

If you’re like me, someone who needs to be attuned to the news, you’re probably already aware of the madness that took place earlier today at a grammar school in Connecticut.

During my work day, I checked reports online.

I saw the images posted: Kids, frightened certainly, as they were led from the school. Parents embracing, crushed with grief. Cops, doing their best to provide some semblance of calm.

Of course, we have not seen images of the carnage, what took place on this day at Christmastime.

Nor should we.

With today’s right-to-the-second technology, I was able to get facts as they unfolded: About the disturbed 20-year-old alleged killer, about the school and community.  I’m sure there will be facts unfolding shortly about heroism in the midst of the madness.

This will happen again, perhaps. Madness caught in real time.

I’ve had enough for today.