Dale J. Spencer Shares “Fear Not” Philosophy, Part II

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

Please join us for Part II of this Q & A with Dale J. Spencer, a remarkable Chicago-area guy who just launched a company to better market his motivational/inspirational public speaking career.

dale-suspenders-rev-254x300Mr. Spencer has addressed more than a dozen groups to date this year, and has presentations pending in 2013 with healthcare, education and other organizations.  Visit this page to view videos featuring Mr. Spencer.

1. Fear of public speaking is rated as the number 1 fear of most people, even above the fear of death.  Did you experience any fear when you began public speaking, and if so, how did you overcome it?

If someone had told me back in high school or college that I would willingly become a public speaker, I would have laughed myself silly.   Throughout high school and most of college, whenever I was presented with a public speaking situation, I would go completely blank after about 25 seconds.  I would then skulk back to my seat, a failure.  After my injury, a professor asked me to speak about what had happened to me before a group of 600,   I thought, “Was this guy crazy? Was I crazy?”  I finally agreed.

In truth, I wanted to face my fear of public speaking and overcome it if possible. Well, the day arrived, and I began speaking; 25 seconds in, and I was still speaking.  Sixty seconds in, still speaking.  Five minutes in, I was soaring and still speaking. I realized after a short time that everyone in the room was hanging on my every word; seeing that, realizing that, embracing that, flipped a switch inside of me that was indescribable.  I had never felt like that before, but I knew I wanted to feel like again. It was like a drug, and I am still addicted.  The problem now is finding larger and larger audiences.

2. Your message of “fear not” and teaching people to overcome their fear must have an impact on your audiences’ decision making process. Can you elaborate?

My objective is to have an impact on my audience’s decision making process!   I want to educate people to harness their fear and make it work for them in a positive way; to free themselves from the shackles of fear and embrace it instead. Once people take the negative impact of fear away, and instead infuse their fear with positivity, then they make better decisions. That’s my objective.

3. Your message is pretty universal and you offer three different programs tailored to specific audiences. What kind of audience do you feel benefits the most from your presentation?

I have spoken and worked with a myriad of audiences to face their fear. I can honestly say that whether I am speaking to students, or sales teams, or management, or housewives, everyone has fears and most people are empowering their fears to enslave their lives, both personally and professionally. My goal is to free them from their negative fear and teach them to cultivate their positive fear. So there is no real answer to your question other than all audiences can benefit from my presentations.

4.  Please share any other thoughts or insight on your speaking career and the “Fear Not” philosophy.

How long have you got? I am passionate about the role that fear plays in everyone’s life. I want to teach people that rather than hiding from fear, they should instead embrace it. I want to teach people to re-purpose their fears into fuel to attain great success in whatever they attempt. That’s really why I am transitioning to a full-time public speaker.

* * *

As a public relations professional, I’ve delivered presentations, been part of new business pitches and served as a panelist.   With each presentation, I get better and gain confidence.  I’m very impressed with those who make public speaking their careers because each audience presents its own set of challenges.

But after meeting Dale Spencer, I’m even more impressed by what this man has done with his life, and by his dedication to help those who need some inspiration on coping with life’s challenges. Do you know someone like Dale Spencer?