Nothing to Say, But Sick of Being Sick

By Edward M. Bury, APR

This post could have been about a lot of things:

1. What I learned during my trip last week to Washington, D.C. for the Transportation Research Board annual meeting.

2. A follow up to the January 8 post on the extreme cold and snow that’s lodged itself in Chicago and other parts of the nation.

3. Or, perhaps, thoughts from this long-time Chicago Cubs fan on the Clarkrecent debut of Clark, the team’s new mascot.

And there probably are a lot of public relations-related topics I could address, but not here.

Well — that’s a word I wish I could use in another context — I’m writing about being sick with a nasty chest cold/flu/infection or some other ailment that started with a slight cough January 13 and has meandered through my body since.   If you don’t want to hear the rest, stop now and find something cheery on HuffPo or view a funny viral cat video.

I’ll understand.

BLUESCREENSICK-1Despite getting a flu shot, washing my hands and staying away from sick-looking people (trust me, they are out there), I got sick.  Unlike previous bouts with the flu, this illness “stalked” me.  That little cough and fever I thought I tamed in DC with extra-strength pain reliever tablets and one pack of Hall’s drops evolved into a full-fledged, sluggish monster.

At it’s most evil, the monster sapped my appetite and strength, prompted chills and pains, caused me to hack up disgusting things that looked like they were extras on one of the “Alien” movies, and compelled me to a diet of juice, canned fruit and you guessed it — Halls.   I resided in bed or the couch and got reintroduced to “The Andy Griffith Show.”

Oh, I’m getting better every day, and I’ve been able to enjoy some solid Hallsfood.  I did go to work today and was productive,  but came hope exhausted.  I’m not “myself” yet.  And, before you ask, yes, I did get a flu shot and have followed this practice for years.

If you’re looking for a take away from this post, here it is:  I’ve had flu-type ailments before, but they did not last this long. Modern medicine has done wonders to help people who get sick, but getting cured goes hand-in-hand with rest.  And, I’m not as young as I used to be.

Getting sick sucks, so if you know someone who’s sick, give them some space.  There, I feel better already.