Note to Tiger: Just Phone it in

A lot of “worlds” will be waiting to hear what Tiger Woods will say tomorrow when he comes out of self-imposed exile to tell the world what he’s been doing the past 12 or so weeks.  More precisely, he’ll offer some insight on his life and times since November 27, 2009, the day he crashed his vehicle into a tree outside his Florida home.

There’s the sports world in general, the golf world in particular, the paparazzi/tabloid world, the business world, the media world and a lot more.   No doubt Tiger’s wife and family want to know what’s on his mind, too.

You’ve heard the agenda: Woods will not hold a press conference in the traditional sense.  You know, the kind where members of the media get to ask questions.  Tiger will deliver a statement to wire service reporters and pool reporters recommended by the Golf Writers Association of America.  There will be no questions.

Note to Tiger: Just phone it in.  Because, that’s in essence what you’ll be doing tomorrow.

The actions that led to Woods’ marital problems and resulting firestorm of coverage by the mainstream media and within the blogosphere constituted a nasty, immediate crisis.  The golf icon’s best strategy at the time would be to address the situation promptly and in person. He decided to issue a statement.

Tomorrow’s event won’t be much different in terms of its effectiveness because the message will be one-sided, static.  Hopefully, Tiger’s public relations counsel advised him to step forward and begin a dialog.  Delivering a monologue will only keep this incendiary story burning bright.