January 20 Means More Than Inauguration Day to Me

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

Yes, today the 45th President of the United States became “official” during a ceremony in the nation’s capital.  And, no, I did not attend, and I did not watch the event on television.

Will American give the new President a thumbs up during his administration? Photo courtesy of Newser.

Will American give the new President a thumbs up during his administration? Photo courtesy of Newser.

Like the vast majority of Americans, I was at work. And, unlike many Americans and people around the world, I will not join in protests — organized or spontaneous.

Today, January 20, is the day a new president is inaugurated. (Unless of course, January 20 falls on a Sunday; then Inauguration Day is January 21.)

But today also is my late father’s birthday.  Thaddeus C. Bury, who I remembered in this 2015 Father’s Day post, would have been 101 years old today! And, yes, I guess that makes me sort of “old.”

Given the unrest and controversy today’s inauguration of Donald J. Trump has caused, I have to wonder what Ted (what most people called him) would have thought about the new president and his agenda to “Make American Great Again.”

My father was part of the so called Greatest Generation, meaning he had to make a living during the Depression, served in and endured a world war, returned home and helped build the America I grew up in. Have to believe America was really great for a while, thanks in part to people like my father, and still pretty darn great today.

I’ll save any future comments and observations on Mr. Trump — who I did not vote for — for future posts. I’ll give Mr. Trump and his administration the opportunity to put his agenda into action.  He won, he deserves that opportunity.

On Inaugural Day 2017, the same day as his birthday, I think Ted would have had the same perspective. But, like me, I think my Dad would have been — to phrase a mixed metaphor of sorts — somewhat judicious with the measuring tape.

One somewhat related thought: Today, I ran into a young lady, a student at the university where I work.  I’ve known her for around a year.

She wears a headscarf, and she always has a smile. In my eyes, she is among what makes America great today. If the new President reads this, I hope he’ll accept and recognize that.