Sometimes You Just Need to Take on a (Communications) Challenge

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

So, now in the fleeting days of 2016, a time of year perhaps overwhelmed by holiday merriment and mayhem, one can take a deep breath, look back and reflect. Reflect on the good and the bad, of course, but also delve into what summoned something extra or engaging from within.

Actually, I have no plans to repel down mountains in 2017, just learn -- in the classroom.

Actually, I have no plans to repel down mountains in 2017, just learn — in the classroom.

More plainly spoken, the year-end provides the opportunity to remember and hopefully savor challenges taken on, met and overcome.

For me, there’s no question on the topic of the biggest challenge of 2016: Enrolling in graduate school and completing my first formal college course in (gulp!) 40 years.

In this July post, I sort of gave notice that I was beginning what will surely be four years of study to earn a Master’s of Arts degree in English. And, in a future post, I’ll share what some thoughts on the class I took this semester — but after I learn my grades.

(Professor: If you read this I’m yearning to know.)

I am enrolled in another English class, which will start in early January. But I need another challenge now, so I decided to take on the 2017 Spin Sucks 30-Day Communications Challenge.  This program provides “everything you need to document and implement an integrated PESO-communications plan to drive business results.”

To get the disclosure stuff out of the way, this initiative is hosted by Arment Dietrich, the Chicago-based public relations firm founded by my friend Gini Dietrich, who was profiled in this space with a rousing Q&A post in early 2015.

And, just to prove I’m in step with integrated digital communications today, I know that

This PESO graphic is courtesy of Arment Dietrich.

This PESO graphic is courtesy of Arment Dietrich.

PESO is the acronym for the “paid-earned-shared-owned” concept of building awareness, acceptance and action on behalf of your client. In fact, this Mashable post from late 2014 even heralds Ms. Dietrich as a champion of the PESO model.

But back to this challenge: What I hope to gain is a better understanding of the PESO concept as well as what technologies, practices and strategies are driving modern communications.  Perhaps I’ll be able to incorporate newfound knowledge into my work for the university; without question I’ll learn and be challenged.

Just in case Gini reads this post, I did do my “homework” for today. In fact, the PRDude blog has a domain authority ranking of 97/100.

Is that good?