Las Vegas Massacre: How Fast We Learn News Today

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

The news of the horrific shootings Sunday night in Las Vegas first reached my ears while I was driving home from a wonderful weekend in Wisconsin.

Tomorrow’s edition will bring more news of the Las Vegas massacre; but when will we learn the answer on how to stop this madness?

Over a packed 48 hours, I road a horse, fished on the Wolf River, enjoy a beer or two, relaxed with friends and stared into a star-filled evening sky.

While driving home Monday morning, I first heard an anecdotal account on an FM station of “shootings” delivered by a woman who escaped harm. She said she served in the military for 10 years and knew she had to do something to protect her daughter — and herself.

Then, as I switched the radio to AM, I got the full story. You know what happened, so there’s no need to recount the death and injury toll.

As I listened to the grim details, I drove past a small country cemetery somewhere in Racine County east of Route 75.  It was somewhat surreal and certainly sobering. After a while, I switched to a music channel.

This morning, I read the Chicago Tribune on my way to work. The issue includes around 10 articles related to the massacre and about as many images.

I learned much more about the shootings, the monster who fired indiscriminately from the Mandalay Bay hotel, the heroism of average people and first responders, the names of some who died.

What I hope I’ll learn in tomorrow’s issue, is how we’re prepared to stop this from happening again.