A New Theme & A New Idea

Gone is the blurry image of Chicago and big headline in its boldface font.  Gone is the Kubrick theme (named after Stanley, I wonder?), and in is this new theme called INove.  It’s described as, “A simple yet very stylish, widget supported, and feature rich theme.”

Kubrick gave users the option to customize the header, which is why I added the Chicago skyline image. Frankly, I couldn’t think of anything else that shouted “public relations” from a graphic perspective when I first launched this blog. But the image was of my home town — the place where I’ve lived all my life.  And, it’s the place where I’ve worked my entire career, and it’s the place where I plan to land that next great full-time position as a professional communicator.  (Relatively soon, I anticipate.)

I supposed I could have inserted an image of a bridge; it would work to some extent because we in public relations build relationships for clients.  In essence, we “bridge” the communications gap between an organization and its publics in order to take advantage of an opportunity or minimize a threat.

But I digress.   Why change the look of the PRdude’s blog? Why not.  Change can be a positive thing.

Too often we get trapped by following a set regimen in our professional and personal lives. That stifles creativity and hastens complacency.  Take the road not taken once in a while, and you’ll see things from a different perspective.  Change the “normal” way of doing things, and you might even find a great opportunity or think of a great idea.

Leave it to some people smarter than me to create an entire new formalized process called “Change Management” that employs the ADKAR model to manage change within an organization.  The definition is courtesy of TopBits.com:

  • Awareness – An individual or organization must know why a specific change or series of changes are needed.
  • Desire – Either the individual or organizational members must have the motivation and desire to participate in the called for change or changes.
  • Knowledge – Knowing why one must change is not enough; an individual or organization must know how to change.
  • Ability – Every individual and organization that truly wants to change must implement new skills and behaviors to make the necessary changes happen.
  • Reinforcement –Individuals and organizations must be reinforced to sustain any changes making them the new behavior, if not; an individual or organization will probably revert back to their old behavior.

Makes sense to me, especially the last aspect.  Why go forward with changes unless they lead to new, positive behavior?

During these past few months, I’ve kept up a relatively set Monday through Friday schedule:  A brisk walk then job search related stuff in the morning followed by work on project related stuff in the afternoon and evening.  In between I grab a sandwich.  Of course, I do have appointments and interviews, and I usually work part of the weekend and catch up on reading and staying on top of industry and social media developments.

Well, I’m going to take a break from the routine.  I’ll still stay focused on my goal of securing another management position; but once in a while, I’ll turn the computer off and pick up my guitar for an hour.  Music is another passion, and one that does have many positives beyond enjoyment.

Music inspires.  So, here’s my new idea:  After each post, I’ll post a link to a song that I find inspirational.  My debut selection is “Why Aye Man,” the first selection off Mark Knopfler’s 2002 solo album, “The Ragpicker’s Dream.”  I found a good live version on YouTube, but buy the CD.

“Why Aye Man” chronicles men from Newcastle in the northeast of England who have to seek work as tradesmen in Germany, where the economy is stronger.  These guys from Geordieland saw an opportunity, and they went for it — integrity and dignity intact.

I can relate.