For Sale: The PRDude Blog

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

When I launched The PRDude blog on 09/04/09, making money from online commentary was not part of the agenda.  Hey, I was just writing about my chosen profession — public relations — and my search for a new job.

And, remember, in late 2009, the nation was being rocked financially to its very core, so I had no financial aspirations related to blogging; plus, what did I know about monetizing an online resource?  I had enough challenges learning to manage WordPress.

World imageBut, over the past 180-plus posts, I’ve had a change of heart;  and the national economy is creeping, albeit much too slowly, toward some level of recovery. Perhaps there is some value behind The PRDude blog, I mean aside from letting me rant unabated and unedited on public relations and “other stuff.”

Recent news, really struck home: The Chicago-based Braintree, a credit card management software company, was purchased by the folks at eBay for $800 million.  No matter how you slice and dice it, that’s a lot of money.

A writer for Crain’s Chicago Business noted in this commentary that the Braintree sale means another Chicago tech firm will be owned by some outsiders.  That’s of no real concern to me, although my city has lost some long-standing, iconic businesses to buyouts.For Sale  Braintree is a fine company, I’m sure, but it never was a part of Chicago’s fabric for generations like the former Marshall Field’s department store.

Now on to the real thrust of this message: If Braintree is worth $800 million, perhaps there’s a market value for The PRDude blog.  That’s why I’m announcing that the blog is for sale.

That’s not a misprint.  You kind reader, or eBay, for that matter, can make me an offer.  Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Every word, link, image and comment published in The PRDude since its inception.
  2. The ability to continue publishing The PRDude.
  3. A farewell post from me — The PRDude.

Not sure if the WordPress folks have any reservations, but if so, I’m willing to split the proceeds.  As for price, I’ll take less — yes, less — than eBay paid for Braintree.

What would you pay for The PRDude blog?