APR Is More Than Alphabet Soup

In 2004, I reach a milestone in terms of my public relations career: I earned the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) accreditation. It’s a personal accomplishment, and I’m proud that I earned it after some starts and stops — setbacks that might have prompted others to give up.

The process simply made me smarter and a better professional because I advanced from being a tactician to a strategist. It became clear that I advanced from knowing “how” to knowing “why” or “why not.”

I’ll stop to disclose this: I’m a current member of the Universal Accreditation Board, which oversees and grants Accreditation, and I’ve played roles promoting the APR through PRSA nationally and here in Chicago. As you can ascertain my support of Accreditation is not without foundation.

What’s your perspective on Accreditation? Are you fully aware of the process? The benefits to you and the profession? Tell me. Or better yet, click on the link below. It’s the easiest of all surveys — one question — on the value of Accreditation.


As you’ve just read, I maintain Accreditation is more than just alphabet soup. Now it’s your turn.