Got Junk? In a Drawer, I Mean

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

Perhaps it’s because I just finished another semester in my pursuit of a Master’s degree in English. And, perhaps it’s because it’s been very busy at work.

Okay: For 10 points, can you guess how many pens, binder clips, packets of sugar, thumb drives, etc. are in this drawer?

But over the past few weeks, I just have not had the time or been inspired to craft a post on any of my regular topics, like politics, popular culture, Chicago or, of course, public relations.

Heck, I haven’t even offered thoughts on the Chicago Cubs this season.

So, what I have for readers today is a silly image and some thoughts, inspired by trying to find something in my main desk drawer.

In this increasingly digital world, I wonder if others keep this much stuff at arms reach. Do we really need all this stuff? Where the hell did I get it all? Will I ever use use up all these pens and markers?

And, if you work at one of the tech companies — where most sit at long tables — do you even get a drawer to stash paper clips, scissors, tape and rulers? From another perspective, do many people even use the aforementioned stuff these days?

Full disclosure: This is only the top drawer of my desk at work.  I have two others that contain stationery, business cards, my supply of herbal, black and green teas — packets and loose — and a whole lot of other “stuff.”

So, now it’s your turn.

To borrow from a popular advertising slogan, “What’s in your drawer?” Please share thoughts and images.

For me, it’s time to head of to work. Now, if I can only find my keys.