Cutthroat Kitchen Slam Top Menu Item for PRDude

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

Even though the PRDude has published 185 posts over the past four years, he’s still a relative neophyte in the blogging universe.  The PRDude blogs because he wants to (when there’s time and something to say), not because there’s any monetary rewards (which would be most welcomed.)

With that established, time to  switch to the first person — and the theme of this post.

Cutthroat OneFor some reason, a post I wrote back in August bashing a new TV show called “Cutthroat Kitchen” continues to attract readers.  In fact, a total of 226 as of this writing, for a rough average of 75 per month.

That’s not going to make the folks at HuffPo or Buzz Feed nervous and change the Technorati rankings, but it’s a pretty big deal for me.

The question of the hour is why?  Why did my rant against a  reality TV food-oriented show I did not like based on previews only generate sustained interest?

I trust it was well-written and optimized.  I know it had relevance.   I hope readers found some value in the post. Cutthroat two

And, for the record, I still don’t plan on ever watching “Cutthroat Kitchen,” despite learning that it’s received fairly good ratings, and will probably do better now that “Breaking Bad” has concluded and no longer dominates Sunday TV.

(An aside: In a perverse way “Breaking Bad” was also a “cooking” show.  Of sorts.)

So I turn to you, the 226 readers who read — and hopefully enjoyed the original “Cutthroat Kitchen” post — to share your thoughts: What was so good about that blog?