Day two, and the sun’s still shining

Today is the second day since I was relieved of my duties as the PR guy.   I woke up, and the sun was still shining.  Still, there remain feelings of betrayal, disillusionment and of course, anger.

Yesterday, I did some of the requisite stuff:  Applied for unemployment compensation (and online and not that difficult), reached out by phone to some friends, took some encouraging in-bound calls.   Public relations really is communicating and building relationships.  So I reached out to let people know what had happened and that I was available for work.

And, I went back to the office, where three former colleagues were waiting with long faces to load four boxes of personal stuff into the back seat of my car.  (Now I’ll have to find new places for several plants.)

But I started my day with a long walk. This is how my “work” day would begin: A six-block walk to catch the subway to work.

It’s exercise and therapeutic.  I get to think and plan my day.  I will continue with a walk before I sit down to work.

Routines are good.  They help bring a balance to life.  Expectations get met.