Follow Me, Come Follow Me — On Twitter

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

When it debuted in early 2006, let’s say I was ambivalent about Twitter.

What? A new social media platform that only let’s you send really short messages? Is it a “micro blog?” Does it have value? Who will use it?

More importantly: Is it a waste of time?

No doubt lots of others posed these same questions, learning later that when managed properly, Twitter can help build brands, catapult careers and even fuel revolutions. When used improperly, Twitter can destroy brands, sink careers and fuel revolutions.

alltwitter-twitter-bird-logo-white-on-blue So, I joined and began to tweet, but infrequently, and on a pretty wide range of subjects. I’ve learned that success in the Twittersphere hinges on frequency, concentrating tweets on a singular subject and tweeting poignant stuff with relevant hashtags.  Being Taylor Swift (61 million followers) or the Dalai Lama (only 11.7 million followers) also probably helps elevate one’s standing.

And, from the perspective of employing Twitter in the practice of public relations — a communications practice that helps build relationships — there’s no question of its value.

Recently, I’ve had a “revolution” of sorts, thanks to Twitter. Over the past few weeks, I started gaining lots of followers, though not at the pace of Ms. Swift or the Dalai Lama. I think it correlates with registering 500 followers, because after that point, followers arrived at the rate of five or six per day; as of this writing I’m at 765 followers. And counting.

Now I have followers who are:

  • Serious Mommy bloggers.
  • Serious coupon clippers.
  • Serious lifestyle/beauty bloggers.
  • An expert at making grilled cheese.
  • A soap opera expert.
  • A “charisma” teacher.
  • A 21-year-old start-up guru.

And, you get the picture. Oh, and I do have followers who are in public relations, communications, real estate and transportation — the professions and industries that hold my interest.  Although I have nothing but good things to say those who tweet on the subjects noted above and others that fall outside my purview.

Let me get to the point: My goal is to reach that four-figure Twitter follower milestone. So, follow me, come follow me, to steal a line from a popular song.

I’ll make it easy for you: