Three Months Later, And It Snowed Today

Well, the sun also rose today, the start of the third month since I became unemployed.  And, winter made a debut, leaving the first few flakes of snow. But perhaps “unemployed” is not at all the right word.

Since being let go from my former full-time position in public relations, my days are a whirlwind of activity:  Networking initiatives;  responses to posted jobs; calls, emails and research into places I’d like to work at; more project work than I imagined; volunteer work on behalf of the Universal Accreditation Board and the Chicago Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America; learning more about the increased role of Web 2.0 in public relations and business; meetings and more meetings.

Perhaps I’ve forgotten something?

Oh yes.  I still take my morning walk, usually after 9 a.m. when the streets in our Chicago neighborhood are quiet.  Those with “real” jobs are at work, leaving the thoroughfares of Avondale and Logan Square to me, a few joggers and others out for a stroll.   There’s a certain tranquility in mid morning on these streets, framed by century-old stone and frame homes, some quite grand and stately.

Newer parts of the city can’t match the sense of permanence we have here. Generations ago, this part of Chicago was built up by developers who sold two-flats and single-family homes primarily to European immigrants.  They stayed for decades, raising families and building futures.  Most moved away in the 1960s and 1970s; but their presence will forever be defined by what’s left, the streets where I walk each morning.

It’s late now.  I look forward to waking up some seven hours from now to a new day filled with challenges and activity, another day searching for an opportunity where I can contribute my skills in public relations, another day of being “unemployed.”  And, another day to walk the streets I have all to myself.