One Image, One Question: February 23, 2016

By Edward M. Bury, APR (aka The PRDude)

Today the PRDude blog debuts a new concept: Sharing one image followed by a question that (hopefully) will encapsulate the meaning behind the image and inspire your thoughts and comments.

First, some background on the image below. It was taken this afternoon on one of my regular after-lunch walks through the neighborhood near the university where I work. The location is Mary Bartelme Park, a terrific urban spot located in the rapidly gentrifying West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. Please visit if you’re seeking a quiet place to relax.

The weather was warm for late February, the skies sunny.  The image was taken with my Samsung Avant handheld, and only cropped a little.

The image:

Dog park


The question: Why can’t people act more like dogs?

The four-legged animals shown here — dogs of many breeds, of various sizes — were in a confined area enjoying each other the way dogs do: Running, chasing and checking each other out.

There was not an incident of anger, violence or contempt. I did not observe any weapons drawn or used. To my knowledge, nothing of value was stolen — from people or the dogs.  (There was a spirited chase for a ball, however.)

The dogs all accepted each other.

Let’s juxtapose what I observed on my walk today with a few things happening in other parts of the world.

So, a follow up question to the one above: If dogs can be at peace and respect each other, why can’t people?

Your thoughts?